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Messages of Hope

How many hearts are in this exhibition altogether? There could be more than one answer, depending upon how people count hearts (does half of a heart count? or, if there's a heart inside a heart, does that count as two? Does a heart in a signature on a piece of art count?) So, just know, there are a few acceptable answers! ​

How Many Hearts? 319
(give or take a few!😀❤️)

1. The Large Panel in the hallway "Hearts of Hope" has a total of 49 hexagonal shapes, and each hexagon contains 6 hearts. So that panel equals 49 x 6 for a total of 294 hearts. If you look closely, there are pink hearts with painted hearts on them. I am adding 4 to this (see image below). I am only counting the hearts that are at least 3/4 of a heart and clearly a heart shape. This is a bit subjective! So the panel has a total of 298 hearts.

2. There is only one more heart in the long hallway, and that is on the Brent's Place sign. So now we are up to 299 hearts.

3. On the rounded walls in the lobby, where all the family art hangs, there are a total of 20 hearts. See the images below.  

4. That is how I got the grand total of 319 hearts

PLEASE send me a message on IG or through my email ( if you have a different answer or found one I didn't find! 

 Art and Signs with Hearts

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